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  • Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit
    Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit
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    Don't risk your floors, carpets and other personal belongings to costly and ruinous water damage! Prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs with the easy-to-install Washing Machine Valve Shutoff Kit. This system not only detects leaks early, but it automatically shuts your water off in the…

  • Leviton QuickPort Snap-In Cat. 5 Jack - White - 41108-RW5
    Leviton QuickPort Snap-In Cat. 5 Jack - White - 41108-RW5


    Leviton's Category 5 Connector is designed to be used with any QuickPort housing in surface mount, flush mount or modular furniture outlets and field configurable panels.* 50 Microinch gold plated for lowest contact resistance* Easy punch-down IDC 110 terminations* Color coded for T568A and T568B…

  • Plug-In Extend-A-Chime
    Plug-In Extend-A-Chime


    Now you'll never miss an important visitor because you can't hear the doorbell! The Plug-In Extend-A-Chime expands an existing wired doorbell to be heard in any part of the home. The transmitter connects onto the low-voltage screws in the existing doorbell. Plug the doorbell receiver into any 110V…

  • Redi-Chek ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer
    Redi-Chek ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer


    The Redi-Check ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer from Maverick Industries lets you enjoy the delicious taste of smoker cooking without the hassle of constant trips to the smoker to check on smoker temperature and cooking progress. The wireless transmitter has connections for two included probes: a…

  • EZIO 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller
    EZIO 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller


    Add Any Relay-Based Device To Any INSTEON Network * Easy installation takes only minutes * Allows any relay or contact closure input to control devices in your INSTEON network * Two outputs let you control both AC and DC loads with INSTEON commands SimpleHomeNet's INSTEON-compatible EZIO 4 Input/2…

  • Household Motion Alert System
    Household Motion Alert System


    You don't need to run wires or install an elaborate system in order to receive an immediate alert if motion is detected inside or near your home. The Household Motion Alert System is designed to monitor movement around your house, notifying you instantly if motion is detected via audible and visual…

  • Motion-Activated Anywhere LED Light
    Motion-Activated Anywhere LED Light


    You don't need to run wires to illuminate dark sheds, porches, or walkways. The weatherproof Motion-Activated Anywhere LED Light is powered by four C batteries (sold separately), so it can be placed anywhere you might be prone to tripping, stumbling, or fumbling for keys. Just walk within 25 feet…

  • 95dB Window Alert
    95dB Window Alert


    Don't let burglars sneak in through your windows! The 95dB Window Alert is an easy-to-install window security system that alerts you instantly with a loud, 95dB alarm if windows are bumped or broken, sounding the window alarm for 45 seconds before resetting automatically, ample time to frighten…

  • Channel Plus 4-Channel Modulator
    Channel Plus 4-Channel Modulator


    The Channel Plus 4-Channel Modulator converts the audio/video signals from your VCR, DVD player, satellite, or security camera to any four user-selected channels (UHF or CATV). Just select the channel you want to modulate to using the "program" button on the front—now you can tune-in to that…

  • 6-In Normally Closed 24-VAC Damper
    6-In Normally Closed 24-VAC Damper


    Enjoy having complete electronic control of which rooms your HVAC system heats or cools with this 24V Motorized Duct Dampers that can be automated (or manually controlled) in a variety of ways. These units are compatible with our popular RCS HVAC Zone Controllers (see our 24V Electronic Duct…

  • AAA+ Home Smart Center
    AAA+ Home Smart Center


    You don't need to spend thousands to set up a hardwired security alarm system in order to protect your family. The AAA+ Home Smart Center is a complete wireless system that not only functions as a security system, but also monitors your premises by providing alert notifications when the system is…

  • Component Video/Digital Audio Balun
    Component Video/Digital Audio Balun


    Many new homes and office buildings already contain structured cabling systems of not only electrical and phone wiring, but also inexpensive cat. 5 twisted pair cable, which is commonly used as a data line. Now you can take maximum advantage of this existing wiring by adding baluns to each end.…

  • Kill A Watt
    Kill A Watt
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    The cost of electricity can really hit you where it hurts. Now with Kill A Watt you can reduce your energy costs by identifying the real energy abusers. Simply plug your appliance into Kill A Watt and assess how efficient it really is. The jumbo LCD display measures consumption by the…

  • Laser Guided Parking System
    Laser Guided Parking System


    Fed up with the door and fender dings on your car from pulling into your garage too deep or too far to the side? Then park like a pro, every time, with the Laser Guided Parking System. This automatic guidance system allows you to pull into the exact same spot time and time again with laser-beam…

  • Electric Door Strike 12VDC
    Electric Door Strike 12VDC


    Increase home security and let visitors in more easily with these electric door strikes that replace your existing strike plate with an electro-mechanical release mechanism. Wire one in series with a low-voltage push-button switch, an X10 Universal Module or the relay release of an intercom system,…

  • Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan
    Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan


    In most homes, there seems to be at least one room that's always too hot or too cold. Regulate that room's temperature easily with the Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan, a variable-speed, in-wall ventilation system that moves heated or cooled air quietly and efficiently from a comfortable room to a…

  • Motorized Drape Controller
    Motorized Drape Controller
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    Now you can enjoy the convenience of motorized drapes at home! This drape controller makes motorized drape control affordable. Control of this unit is simple — apply power and it moves from the current position to one limit position. Remove and reapply power and it will reverse and move to the…

  • Watts Up? Power Meter
    Watts Up? Power Meter


    What does it really cost to run that electric water heater or energy-efficient refrigerator? Find out instantly by plugging it — or any other electrical appliance — into Watts Up?, which instantaneously displays the wattage being used, as well as the cost, in actual dollars and…

  • iChime Doorbell
    iChime Doorbell
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    This iChime Doorbell replaces your current chime and gives you the choice of sounds to announce your visitors. Choose from the pre-programmed selections, record your own tune with the built-in microphone, record using iPod, CD Player, PC, or MP3 with line-in jack.Includes chimes, holiday,…

  • Global Caché IR Learner
    Global Caché IR Learner


    Global Cach?'s GC-IRL IR Learner is a must-have tool for dealers, installers, and home automation enthusiasts. The compact IR Learner is used with a PC to learn the full spectrum, 30KHz to 500KHz, of IR codes that control infrared-driven equipment. By using the included GC-IRL Utility, the learned…

  • Cool Stack I Exhaust
    Cool Stack I Exhaust


    Keeping A/V components in an equipment rack may be convenient, but maintaining a constant, cool temperature inside the rack is imperative to extend the life of your components. By installing the Cool Stack I Exhaust fan at the top of your rack, you'll be able to pull heated air away from the…

  • 6-In 110VAC 250CFM In-Line Duct Fan
    6-In 110VAC 250CFM In-Line Duct Fan


    Imagine being able to walk into a room, press a button and have the airflow only to that room immediately boosted by up to 80 percent, quietly. Increase ventilation to selected areas when guests are over, equalize temperatures in rooms that are too hot or too cold, or build your own…

  • EZRain INSTEON/X10 Sprinkler Controller
    EZRain INSTEON/X10 Sprinkler Controller


    INSTEON-Compatible Lawn Irrigation System Controls up to 8 Sprinkler Valves * Powerline interface delivers individual and programmed timer commands to your lawn sprinklers * System is INSTEON and X10 ready for PC or standalone automation controller commands * Free Windows XP utility download allows…

  • Xantech Current Sensor Connecting Block
    Xantech Current Sensor Connecting Block


    The Current Sensor Connecting Block allows the Xantech CSM1 Current Sensor (sold separately) to be used as a general-purpose current sensor to sense the power state of a component by detecting the difference in current drawn by the component when it is either ON or OFF and to generate a status…

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