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  • EZIO 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller
    EZIO 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller


    Add Any Relay-Based Device To Any INSTEON Network * Easy installation takes only minutes * Allows any relay or contact closure input to control devices in your INSTEON network * Two outputs let you control both AC and DC loads with INSTEON commands SimpleHomeNet's INSTEON-compatible EZIO 4 Input/2…

  • Water Lily Eco-Friendly Rain Showerhead
    Water Lily Eco-Friendly Rain Showerhead


    Use the Water Lily and you'll experience a luxurious, maximum-flow shower that just happens to be environmentally friendly, too. Instead of conserving water while you're taking a shower, Evolve's ShowerStart™ technology saves the hot water that's wasted before you actually get in. The result -…

  • Wall Plate Data/Telephone/Coax - White
    Wall Plate Data/Telephone/Coax - White


    You may need access to phone lines, data lines and cable lines in multiple rooms in your home, but that doesn't mean you're stuck with numerous bulky boxes on your home's walls. The ChannelPlus Data/Telephone/Coax Wall Plate is a single Decora-style wall plate that offers two-line break out, one…

  • Laser Guided Parking System
    Laser Guided Parking System


    Fed up with the door and fender dings on your car from pulling into your garage too deep or too far to the side? Then park like a pro, every time, with the Laser Guided Parking System. This automatic guidance system allows you to pull into the exact same spot time and time again with laser-beam…

  • Plug-In Extend-A-Chime
    Plug-In Extend-A-Chime


    Now you'll never miss an important visitor because you can't hear the doorbell! The Plug-In Extend-A-Chime expands an existing wired doorbell to be heard in any part of the home. The transmitter connects onto the low-voltage screws in the existing doorbell. Plug the doorbell receiver into any 110V…

  • Motorized Drape Controller
    Motorized Drape Controller
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    Now you can enjoy the convenience of motorized drapes at home! This drape controller makes motorized drape control affordable. Control of this unit is simple — apply power and it moves from the current position to one limit position. Remove and reapply power and it will reverse and move to the…

  • Watts Up? Power Meter
    Watts Up? Power Meter


    What does it really cost to run that electric water heater or energy-efficient refrigerator? Find out instantly by plugging it — or any other electrical appliance — into Watts Up?, which instantaneously displays the wattage being used, as well as the cost, in actual dollars and…

  • Emerson TV Replacement Remote
    Emerson TV Replacement Remote


    Between thieving couch cushions, sneaky kids, and clever pets, remote controls can easily break or disappear after you've owned them for a year or two. While universal remotes will handle most basic remote control functions, they can't do everything that the original manufacturer's remote did.…

  • CellSensor EMF Detection Meter
    CellSensor EMF Detection Meter


    Recently, many studies have delivered warnings about long-term exposure to cell phone radiation and certain electromagnetic fields. But since these dangers can't be seen by the naked eye, how can you protect yourself and your family? The CellSensor EMF Detection Meter measures both of these hazards…

  • Compact 2-Button Universal Garage Remote
    Compact 2-Button Universal Garage Remote


    Whether you're replacing a lost or stolen opener or your current garage door or gate opener is just worn out, the Compact 2-Button Universal Garage/Gate Remote from Chamberlain is the perfect product for you. Don't worry about what brand of garage or gate system you have in place, this universal…

  • Four Emitter Infrared Connecting Block
    Four Emitter Infrared Connecting Block
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    Enhance the flexibility of your audio/video system with the Infrared Connecting Block, a device that collects signals from room IR sensors, processes them and sends the signals to your audio/video equipment via an infrared emitter. With its robust construction and comprehensive noise shielding, the…

  • 95dB Window Alert
    95dB Window Alert


    Don't let burglars sneak in through your windows! The 95dB Window Alert is an easy-to-install window security system that alerts you instantly with a loud, 95dB alarm if windows are bumped or broken, sounding the window alarm for 45 seconds before resetting automatically, ample time to frighten…

  • X10 Plug-in RF Base
    X10 Plug-in RF Base


    This multiple device RF base works with X10's line of RF remote controls and PIR motion sensors. Wireless X10 devices need this base unit to catch the radio signals and convert them to X10 signals on the electricity line. Add as many handheld remotes and X10 wireless devices as you want to each…

  • Redi-Chek ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer
    Redi-Chek ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer


    The Redi-Check ET-73 Remote Smoker Thermometer from Maverick Industries lets you enjoy the delicious taste of smoker cooking without the hassle of constant trips to the smoker to check on smoker temperature and cooking progress. The wireless transmitter has connections for two included probes: a…

  • EZRain INSTEON/X10 Sprinkler Controller
    EZRain INSTEON/X10 Sprinkler Controller


    INSTEON-Compatible Lawn Irrigation System Controls up to 8 Sprinkler Valves * Powerline interface delivers individual and programmed timer commands to your lawn sprinklers * System is INSTEON and X10 ready for PC or standalone automation controller commands * Free Windows XP utility download allows…

  • Xantech 4-Emitter IR Ready Kit
    Xantech 4-Emitter IR Ready Kit


    Everyone wants the advantage of controlling our home theater systems when they're hidden away in an equipment closet or A/V cabinet. But it can be so confusing, trying to pick the right parts. Xantech comes to the rescue with this 4-Emitter IR Ready Kit - everything you need except for the IR…

  • Wireless Probe Driveway Alert
    Wireless Probe Driveway Alert


    Don't be caught unaware by unexpected visitors. The Wireless Probe Driveway Alert system will send an instant alert from the foot of your driveway when a car enters your property but won't be triggered by deer or large animals. Ideal for locations where there may be wildlife that would cause false…

  • Raintight Motion Sensor Switch
    Raintight Motion Sensor Switch


    These sensor switches are extremely flexible. They are designed for use with one or more lights up to 600 watts. With no minimum load requirement they can be used with low wattage appliances such as fluorescent lamps, alarms and video cameras. They are rain-tight and may be mounted inside or…

  • Autocloser - Garage Door Timed Closer
    Autocloser - Garage Door Timed Closer


    Have you ever left for work in the morning only to realize that you accidentally left the garage door open all night long? Restore your peace of mind with the Autocloser-GA, an automatic garage attendant that automatically closes your garage door when you inadvertently leave it open. The…

  • Touchpad Lockset DoorKnob, Oiled Bronze
    Touchpad Lockset DoorKnob, Oiled Bronze


    Never look for keyholes in the dark again with this glow-in-the-dark touchpad lockset doorknob that locks or unlocks your door when you enter a customized code. This convenient touchpad system is similar to high-security applications found in office buildings and institutional facilities, yet can…

  • TV Volume Regulator
    TV Volume Regulator


    With so many loud commercials, it's no wonder people change the volume on their TV up to 8 times an hour. But now you can put an end to all that with the TV Volume Regulator. This easy-to-install device regulates volume and delivers consistent audio level through abnormally loud or quiet scenes in…

  • 4-In 110VAC 80CFM In-Line Duct Fan
    4-In 110VAC 80CFM In-Line Duct Fan


    Imagine being able to walk into a room, press a button and have the airflow only to that room immediately boosted by up to 80 percent, quietly. Increase ventilation to selected areas when guests are over, equalize temperatures in rooms that are too hot or too cold, or build your own…

  • Solar Powered Pool Purifier
    Solar Powered Pool Purifier


    Enjoy swimming in the clearest, cleanest, softest water imaginable, without the unpleasant smell or taste of chlorine! With the Floatron Solar Powered Pool Purifier, a low-maintenance pool purification system that reduces chlorine use by as much as 80%, you and your family will enjoy swimming in…

  • Compact Fire Extinguishing Spray Pair
    Compact Fire Extinguishing Spray Pair


    The Compact Fire Extinguishing Spray is the perfect home safety and fire suppression tool. Place one in each room of your house, and in each vehicle you own. These 14 ounce cans last 4 times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. Depending on its size, a traditional fire extinguisher will last…

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