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  • EZIO 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller
    EZIO 4 Input/2 Output Relay Controller


    Add Any Relay-Based Device To Any INSTEON Network * Easy installation takes only minutes * Allows any relay or contact closure input to control devices in your INSTEON network * Two outputs let you control both AC and DC loads with INSTEON commands SimpleHomeNet's INSTEON-compatible EZIO 4 Input/2…

  • LintEater - Dryer Vent Cleaning System
    LintEater - Dryer Vent Cleaning System
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    Over time, your dryer vent fills with lint that sneaks by your dryer's filter, which makes your dryer work harder to dry your clothes. You can reduce energy costs by improving the efficency of your current dryer. The system generally pays for itself in the cost savings after the first use. In…

  • ButtKicker 1000-Watt Amplifier
    ButtKicker 1000-Watt Amplifier


    If you're planning to use the ButtKicker LFE transducer to experience realistic special effects and concert-quality music without waking the kids or disturbing the neighbors, you can combine this "silent subwoofer" with the ButtKicker 1000-Watt Amplifier for the ultimate sound experience. This…

  • Channel Vision All-In-One IR System
    Channel Vision All-In-One IR System


    Keep your home theater devices behind closed cabinet or closet doors, even when they're in use. The All-in-One IR System makes sure that all of your A/V components receive the commands sent from your existing IR remote controls, even without line-of-sight access. A tiny receiver can be placed near…

  • EZ Faucet
    EZ Faucet


    Turn your existing faucet into a touch-free system for safe, germ-free hand washing. Most automatic faucets cost hundreds of dollars, but you can enjoy this existing technology in your own home with an inexpensive do-it-yourself device that installs easily in just five minutes. The EZ Faucet™…

  • Dual Laser-Guided Parking System
    Dual Laser-Guided Parking System


    Fed up with the door and fender dings on your car from pulling into your two-car garage too deep or too far to the side? Then park like a pro, every time, with the Dual Laser-Guided Parking System. Designed specifically for two-car garages, this automatic guidance system allows you to pull into the…

  • Room-to-Room Fan
    Room-to-Room Fan


    In every home, there always seems to be at least one room that's always too hot or too cold. Regulating the temperature in that room is now substantially easier with the Room-to-Room Fan, a two-speed, in-wall ventilation system that moves heated or cooled air between rooms. This built-in solution…

  • Wall-Mount IR Sensor
    Wall-Mount IR Sensor


    This basic IR Sensor comes with interchangeable white and ivory covers to match your d?cor. Extensive shielding and special ground plane PCB design creates robust immunity to electrical noise. Includes a talkback LED behind a pin-hole in the faceplate so that there is a visual reference to IR…

  • Cool Stack I Exhaust
    Cool Stack I Exhaust


    Keeping A/V components in an equipment rack may be convenient, but maintaining a constant, cool temperature inside the rack is imperative to extend the life of your components. By installing the Cool Stack I Exhaust fan at the top of your rack, you'll be able to pull heated air away from the…

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Booster
    Heating & Air Conditioning Booster


    Depending on the season, lowering or raising your thermostat just 4° can cost an additional $35 to $50 per month. Running the Heating & Air Conditioning Booster over the same period costs about 60 cents! Ideal for wall or floor registers, the Heating & Air Conditioning Booster can be placed…

  • Motion-Activated Anywhere LED Light
    Motion-Activated Anywhere LED Light


    You don't need to run wires to illuminate dark sheds, porches, or walkways. The weatherproof Motion-Activated Anywhere LED Light is powered by four C batteries (sold separately), so it can be placed anywhere you might be prone to tripping, stumbling, or fumbling for keys. Just walk within 25 feet…

  • Leviton QuickPort Snap-In Cat. 5 Jack - White - 41108-RW5
    Leviton QuickPort Snap-In Cat. 5 Jack - White - 41108-RW5


    Leviton's Category 5 Connector is designed to be used with any QuickPort housing in surface mount, flush mount or modular furniture outlets and field configurable panels.* 50 Microinch gold plated for lowest contact resistance* Easy punch-down IDC 110 terminations* Color coded for T568A and T568B…

  • Active Thermal Management Small Equipment Cabinet Fan System 8-1/2"L x 4-3/8"H 1-1/4"D
    Active Thermal Management Small Equipment Cabinet Fan System 8-1/2"L x 4-3/8"H 1-1/4"D
    1 Review(s)


    When you place electronic equipment, such as A/V components, in an enclosed rack or cabinet, the internal temperature can easily reach damaging levels. The results can range from unstable images or poor sound to thermal shutdown, or even to failure of your A/V components. Ideal for use in…

  • Component Cooler Single Fan
    Component Cooler Single Fan


    Whether you keep your A/V components separate or stack them on shelves, unless they're well vented, these delicate components can be damaged by the excessive heat they generate. Remove heat right at the source: Optimized for components on open shelving, the quiet Single Fan Component Cooler turns…

  • Compact 2-Button Universal Garage Remote
    Compact 2-Button Universal Garage Remote


    Whether you're replacing a lost or stolen opener or your current garage door or gate opener is just worn out, the Compact 2-Button Universal Garage/Gate Remote from Chamberlain is the perfect product for you. Don't worry about what brand of garage or gate system you have in place, this universal…

  • iChime Doorbell
    iChime Doorbell
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    This iChime Doorbell replaces your current chime and gives you the choice of sounds to announce your visitors. Choose from the pre-programmed selections, record your own tune with the built-in microphone, record using iPod, CD Player, PC, or MP3 with line-in jack.Includes chimes, holiday,…

  • Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan
    Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan


    In most homes, there seems to be at least one room that's always too hot or too cold. Regulate that room's temperature easily with the Thru-Wall Room-to-Room Fan, a variable-speed, in-wall ventilation system that moves heated or cooled air quietly and efficiently from a comfortable room to a…

  • Mail Chime
    Mail Chime


    When the weather's poor, making that trek out to the mailbox can be an undesirable chore. And since delivery schedules can be unpredictable, all too often you may find yourself peeking through that mail slot several times a day. But with the Mail Chime, you'll always know instantly when the mail…

  • 8-Inch 110VAC 500CFM In-Line Duct Fan
    8-Inch 110VAC 500CFM In-Line Duct Fan


    Imagine being able to walk into a room, press a button and have the airflow only to that room immediately boosted by up to 80 percent, quietly. Increase ventilation to selected areas when guests are over, equalize temperatures in rooms that are too hot or too cold, or build your own…

  • Motorized Drape Controller
    Motorized Drape Controller
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    Now you can enjoy the convenience of motorized drapes at home! This drape controller makes motorized drape control affordable. Control of this unit is simple — apply power and it moves from the current position to one limit position. Remove and reapply power and it will reverse and move to the…

  • VideoEase CATV Balun II
    VideoEase CATV Balun II


    If your house is already wired with cat. 5 twisted pair cable, you can take advantage of this existing wiring to add cable or satellite service or other broadband video to another room in your home without having to run more costly video cable. Add a VideoEase CATV Balun II to each end: These small…

  • Garage Door Contacts for Closed Circuits
    Garage Door Contacts for Closed Circuits


    Use this Garage Door Contact Switch on garage doors, roll-up doors and other doors or gates where it may be difficult to mount regular magnetic contacts. Smaller magnetic switches have a small operating gap where the contact and magnet must be within half an inch for reliable operation. While those…

  • AAA+ Home Smart Center
    AAA+ Home Smart Center


    You don't need to spend thousands to set up a hardwired security alarm system in order to protect your family. The AAA+ Home Smart Center is a complete wireless system that not only functions as a security system, but also monitors your premises by providing alert notifications when the system is…

  • Component Video/Digital Audio Balun
    Component Video/Digital Audio Balun


    Many new homes and office buildings already contain structured cabling systems of not only electrical and phone wiring, but also inexpensive cat. 5 twisted pair cable, which is commonly used as a data line. Now you can take maximum advantage of this existing wiring by adding baluns to each end.…

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